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Broker Vs. Dealership Finance

When you're buying your new car from a car dealership, it's easy to be swayed into thinking that taking finance from the dealership will get you a better deal overall. Unfortunately that's not usually the case, and here are four reasons to secure finance for your next purchase through a broker.

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Tuesday 7th July 2015    

Private Sale Car Finance

So you have decided to purchase a car private sale and need to organise finance. As you know, some banks and lending institutions may have restrictions when providing loans for Private sale cars. Usually your own bank will offer you a personal loan for the car purchase but you are wondering if there are other options available. Contact Approved Car Loans to help you secure a better deal...

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Wednesday 10th June 2015     Private Sale Car Finance

9 Tips to test driving a Used Car

9 Tips to test driving a Used Car Besides buying a home, the second biggest purchase will be your car. Buying a used car should be a simple transaction. But if you have little mechanical knowledge or are easily persuaded, the used car market can take advantage of you pretty easily. To help save you from unwanted pain, we have come up with a simple checklist to safeguard you against buying a lemon.

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Tuesday 5th May 2015    

Buying a used car privately?

You may want to consider these tips before you buy: Buying a car from a private seller may be cheaper than buying from a licensed dealer, but it offers much less legal protection and much greater uncertainty. The Team at Approved Car Loans have compiled a list of 10 Helpful tips that may keep you out of hot water when buying your next car...

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Wednesday 15th April 2015    

To trade or not to trade, that is the question.

To trade or not to trade, that is the question. Shopping for your new car is an exciting experience but before you can get your new wheels home, there are a few finer points you need to consider such as car finance pre approval and selling your current car. Unlike browsing through hundreds of car loan options there are only a few options when it comes to selling your car – either privately or through a car dealership as a trade. So when you need to decide between the two, what's the difference and which option will offer you the most value?

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Tuesday 17th March 2015     Car Finance

Top 5 tips you should consider when Buying a New Car.

Top 5 tips you should consider when Buying a New Car.

Besides the purchase of a house, buying a new car will be one of the most significant purchases in your life. It can be an exciting event but also can be a little daunting for first time buyers. Use the following tips to ensure your new vehicle purchase will be hassle free...

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Thursday 12th February 2015    

ABN Holders Car Finance special offer

I've just become a contractor and can't get a vehicle loan...

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Thursday 22nd January 2015    

Happy New Year from Approved Car Loans!

Let 2015 begin! 2014 was a busy year for the team at Approved Car Loans and 2015 is showing no signs of slowing down...

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Tuesday 13th January 2015    

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