3 Best Road Trips in NSW

3 Best Road Trips in NSW

New South Wales offers serene and mighty views for locals and travellers all across the world. Taking a road trip along some of the state’s most insightful and eye-opening routes is a great way to explore Australia and harness its natural beauty. Keep reading to see three incredible road trips - the best that New South Wales has to offer in 2021!

1. Grand Pacific Drive (215 km)

An approximately 3-hour drive, this road trip will allow you to pass multiple key locations. Stop along the way at Sapphire Coast to take in its truly beautiful landmarks, adventure around the Kiama blowhole and its nearby towns or around Sea Cliff Bridge. If you’re looking to relax on your journey, stop and take in the Illawarra coastline or visit the tranquil town of Gerringong with its population of around 4,000 people. Starting at Sydney, your final location will be Jervis Bay; renowned for having the world’s whitest sand beach, it is best experienced at night when the sea life lights up the ocean.

2. Pacific Coast (818.5km)

Go at your own pace across the Pacific Coast, which takes approximately 8.5 hours. Byron Bay is the ultimate location to witness on your journey, which is Australia’s most easterly point and offers everything from shopping trips and the infamous Cape Byron lighthouse.

Don’t worry, Byron Bay also has multiple camping sites which mean that you don’t have to rush your experience, but get to know the vibrant community in detail. Starting in Sydney and ending in Tweed Heads, other views to see include rampant rainforests, Lake Macquarie, and much more. However, perhaps the most important is the Big Banana in Coff’s Harbour, which is an experience for the whole family. Set amongst a banana plantation, this amusement park offers barrels of fun.

3. Darling River Run (935km)

The Darling River Run is the longest road trip of our three suggestions, which means it has the most to offer in terms of unspeakable destinations and photogenic sceneries.

On this 10 and a half-hour drive, starting at Walgett and ending at Wentworth, you can explore the Mungo National Park. A key location for anyone looking to learn more about Australia’s past, it delves into the country’s historical landscape which stretches back as far as 45,000 years. Alternatively, if you prefer a laid-back trip, simply roll down your car window and follow the Darling River down to the Victoria border.

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