Jaguar Cars To Go Electric By 2025

Jaguar Cars To Go Electric By 2025

As part of its innovative, ambitious Reimagine strategy, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) intends to be only manufacturing electric vehicles by 2025. Part of the Reimagine vision is to become a net-zero carbon enterprise by 2039.

An electric Land Rover, the first of six proposed electronic models, is set to be launched in 2024. With 7665 Jaguar Land Rover vehicles sold in Australia last year, it will be interesting to see what difference phasing out the internal combustion engine will make to future sales figures.

Production changes

JLR sales have been somewhat patchy in recent years, prompting the company to take action in order to ensure the future of the eighty-six-year-old company is assured. Historically, production has taken place at the company's West Bromwich plant, close to Birmingham in the UK. It is envisaged that the production of the electric vehicles will move to the nearby Solihull plant, with West Bromwich being retained to manufacture non-production products.

JLR adopting a forward-thinking strategy

The announcement of the move towards electric vehicle production comes as part of a package of measures intended to establish JLR as a car manufacturer that's innovative and forward-thinking. The company plans to invest around 2.5 billion GBP into fresh technology each year, including the development of hydrogen fuel-cells to power the JLR vehicles. Connectivity and software development are also key areas that have been earmarked for development.

Continued growth in the market for EVs

Electric cars are growing in popularity in the UK and Europe, so electric JLR models may become the subject of renewed interest. Although only a minority of Australians own electric vehicles (around 0.6% of vehicles purchased here in 2020 were electric), it's likely that this figure will increase in the next few years. If and when this happens, JLR's range of vehicles will be ideally placed to become a popular choice.

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